Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Did the Year Go?

Ringing in summer with the annual filling of the hot tub with bubbles before draining (a big highlight if you are seven years old)

It is hard to believe the school year is over! It just blew by. At times it was stressful, but overall, things went really well. The kids have really grown up, both physically and intellectually. I have a lot to be thankful for. While I wish the school year was longer overall, I was definitely ready for a schedule break. I am not a morning person so having some extra time to get the kids from point A (being bed) to point B (being school) is welcome. The kids were also ready. Summer is all about not having homework, wearing play clothes, swimming, riding bikes, going to the park, staying up later, and sleeping in. Wyoming summers are so short so every day matters!

First day of school (above) and the last day of school (below)

Lily really enjoyed first grade. Aside from one big meltdown regarding the Principal’s Honor Roll this spring, all things academic were good. Lily has turned into an amazing reader and stellar mathematician this year. She also started playing violin. Lily can be shy in certain situations so I am amazed that being on stage playing violin in front of people doesn’t seem to bother her.

Semira acclimated really well to Snowy Range, which kind of surprised me. I had only one phone call this year from her teacher. I have to say I was expecting more. At the beginning of the year, I was unsure as to whether we made the right decision by having Semira in kindergarten again. (Last year, she did K at the Open School). By November, I knew we made the right decision. Instead of feeling like the kid who didn’t get it, she emerged as a leader in her class. This gave her a new sense of confidence that she is a smart little girl.

Lily's first group recital

Semira at her kindergarten graduation

This summer the kids will be going to the Open School for seven weeks so we can work. We will be heading to Costa Rica (again) for two weeks in July/August. I must say we are all looking forward to that! Steve is also trying to squeeze in another quick trip to Ethiopia to get two students started on some research. Then it will be two weeks of Camp Israel then back to school! Even though we try every year to have a relaxed summer with little planned, it never seems to work out that way. I have come to realize that our family motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

One very interesting note is that the kids are REALLY into each other so far this summer. Ever since they have been out of school, they have had sleepovers (sharing Lily's top bunk) just about every night! It's nice to see them appreciate each other and, at the end of each day, automatically suspend any grievances, disagreements, or quarrels.

So, work hard, play hard, and enjoy each others' company. You only go around once, so try and do it with a smile!