Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almost on my way to...

I am going to Israel tomorrow! I will be gone for 10 whole days. My friend Wendy and I will visit some friends in Tel Aviv for a few days then join a group of women for the Hadassah Young Women's Mission. The tour part of the trip will take us to Haifa and Jerusalem. Once in Jerusalem, we will take various day trips to the surrounding areas. This trip is unique for me for several reasons:
  • I have never been on an organized tour before (more than a day trip). The tour is not just sightseeing, but educational (e.g. participating in community service projects, meeting with Hadassah and other Israeli officials, hearing people speak about current issues, etc.). It is totally weird not to have to plan anything.
  • I haven't been away from my kids for more than 5 days EVER. Thankfully, Grandma Bev is coming to help Steve. It's not that Steve can't handle things solo, but my anxiety would be through the roof. I would constantly wonder what is going on and if everything is ok. Bev will be here for 7 days to help hold down the fort and deal with kid management issues. The kids love her and she will be a great distraction when they discover they miss me.
  • Traveling solo is a rare treat these days. I can do what I want whenever I want. The only person to worry about is me. I am looking forward to all the things I rarely get to do uninterrupted like reading, sleeping, shopping, thinking, exercising, and relaxing. Now that is easy!
  • And I have never been to Israel! Enough said...it is going to be awesome.
The planner in me usually spends several months fretting over all the details. For this trip, I have done virtually nothing except check out the itinerary, order a couple of guide books, and renew my passport. There is definitely more I could have done to prepare, but time has been very short recently as I have been trying to wrap up my final dissertation draft before I leave. (OK, so I have had no time lately. It has been all dissertation all the time. I am exhausted).

The old me would NOT have been ok with this. The current version of me is very tired, but pretty relaxed and zen about the whole thing. I say this now as the dissertation is done! Ok, I admit I am desperate for a break from work and regular life. I am even leaving my computer at home so I can really unplug. I decided that I will just deal with life when I get back, including the looming dissertation defense occurring four days after I return.

Wish me luck! I know, it is kind of hard to feel sorry for me...I am going to Israel!

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