Friday, November 25, 2011

Donations Update

Our stash of donations sans the big order of cloth diapers still to come

Hello Friends,

Thanks to some very generous people, I have accumulated a lot of what we were asking for, especially in the clothing and shoe department. In sizing up the packing situation, I have concluded that I can only add smaller items at this point. Based on what I have collected so far, l am still looking for a few items... Mostly over-the-counter creams, vitamins, flashlights, etc.

Additional cash donations received in the next few days will be used to order more cloth diapers and covers (these are expensive items but of lasting, durable value). Last minute cash donations will be used to buy other items on the list that I can get locally. Instead of repeating the list, I updated my original blog post to cross off items I no longer need or have suitcase room to accommodate.

Since we are leaving in a little more than a week, if you still have anything to send our way, I would appreciate receiving any donations by next weekend. Again, thank you to everyone who has been so kind and generous! Your help is really appreciated.


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